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#1-Dig Near One of the Slayer Masters.  ::edge, and run northwest.

#2- Dig Where You Can Win Or Lose Bank. ::Gamble


#3-Dig Near the Mining Guild Teleport. Click on the Mining skill in your skill tab, and select Mining Guild.


#4-Dig Near Where You Can Find Implings. Click the Hunter Skill, and select Puro-Puro, Run just South-East of the teleport, and go through the first barrier only.


#5-Dig Near the Seers Bank. Teleport to Seers Village (using the Cities teleports), run East to get to the bank.


#6-Dig in the Area You Might See Fisherman Boat You Use to an OSRS Quest. Teleport to Port Sarim (using the Cities teleports), run South-East along the dock.


#7-Dig Somewhere Near the Castle Near Home On OSRS. Teleport to Lumbridge (using the Cities teleports), run West.


#8- Dig Near the Ship At A Fishing Place. Teleport to Catherby (using the Cities teleports). Run directly South along the dock, directly infront of the gangplank.1406522983_CatherbyClue.png.aab929ffd55f78e8b5175c46bd946480.png

#9-Dig Somewhere In A Powerfull Game. ::Raids.




Would like to give credit to those in the Discord for posting these previously, just wanted to post an organized guide on the forums 🙂

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