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QoL Information, Items hidden stats etc.

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QoL Information

Hey everyone, Dezmo here, if you don't know what QoL means then I'll tell you real quick it stands for "Quality of Life", anyway, onto the guide. 

I have found out a lot of stuff over the time that I did not know was even a thing, and would have been extremely useful to know early on, so I'm gonna pass on what I have found out over the time, that I have been playing on Luminite, so that others can hopefully get some benefits from it as well 😄

Please feel free to add a comment, pm me on discord or in game if there is something else that can be added/corrected.



::bank - Requires Uber donator rank, and opens your bank at any location

::claimdaily - You can claim a daily reward if you have at least $10 donor status.

::bis - Opens up the best in slot interface

::im or ::instancemanager - Requires Legendary donator rank, opens up instance manager interface (only place to find Uber dragons and Deluxe dragons)

::dzone - Requires Regular donator rank, teleports you to donator zone where it's easier to skill

::drinfo - shows your current drop rate boost

::dropsimulator - Opens up a simulator where you can input desired amount of kills of an npc and check what that amount can get you.

::title (whatever), this command lets you add whatever you want before your name. Uber donator is required.

::showperks - Prints out all your perks individually, from custom tasks in the chat window.

::showattributes - Prints out all your perks added up, from custom tasks.


QoL Knowledge

When you open up a mystery box and are done rolling, you can use "esc" to close the window.

Some items gives "Luck" it means you get a % boost in something like clue casket rewards. (see "Items with hidden stats" section on what aspect the different items gives luck to)

Clicking on slayer skill under the skill tab opens up an interface where you can choose slayer master etc.

Almost all combat items have a hidden drop rate boost stat, you can use ::drinfo to see how much your drop rate is increased.

You can use ctrl+s to get a different settings display up.

You can use ctrl+b to open bank (if you have uber donator rank).

If you enter ::gamble, you will be kicked from "Help" clan chat, and will have to enter it again after, this is an intended program, because otherwise people would spam Help cc.

You can sell most items to "I buy stuff for tax bags" npc at ::shops.



Items with hidden stats

Beaver skilling pet - Boost to woodcutting speed (don't know exact %)

Rock Golem skilling pet - Boost to mining speed (don't know exact %)

Treasure outfit pieces - Gives 5% luck for each piece you have, if you have full set, 5 pieces, then you get a boosted amount of 35% total, for clue caskets.

3rd age outfit pieces - Gives 4% luck each, if you have full set, 4 pieces, you get a boosted amount of 20% total, for clue caskets.

Phoenix pet - Gives 20% luck to clue caskets.

Hulk pet - Gives 20% drop rate boost


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