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  1. In-game name: Dezmo How did you find Luminite?: I was sent an e-mail that the server opened soon, not sure how i ended up on that list tbh haha. Are there any changes that you'd like to add to Luminite: If i'm gonna be completely honest, i would love lvl 120 for skillings, after prestige, because i would love to do some agility again. Favorite color?: Red.
  2. QoL Information Hey everyone, Dezmo here, if you don't know what QoL means then I'll tell you real quick it stands for "Quality of Life", anyway, onto the guide. I have found out a lot of stuff over the time that I did not know was even a thing, and would have been extremely useful to know early on, so I'm gonna pass on what I have found out over the time, that I have been playing on Luminite, so that others can hopefully get some benefits from it as well 😄 Please feel free to add a comment, pm me on discord or in game if there is something else that can be added/corrected.
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