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Hey Its Me, an Introduction To The Cockroach That Keeps Coming Back!

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Hello, it is me Delete formerly known as Drake on Suics older server that shutdown. I currently do not play any private servers and only play osrs  casually. I mostly play CSGO and watch Youtube or Pornhub. I am a moron IRL and even dumber in game. I live to make others laugh so I plan on using Voice chat in discord quite often when playing the server. I am a proud father of 1 dog and 2 cats and no not the cats that you find on Tinder. I hope to find some more Hebrew Speaking players but English is fine as well, I will most likely be afk ingame 98% of the time and 2% of the time will be me gambling trash in hopes of being the richest. Tomorrow is the big day I hope to see you all. If you know who I am say something down below, and if not still say something!

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